The Drip

The acclimation process is one that many aquarists overlook or rush. After a road-trip to shop some incredible frag tanksin Guelph (http://www.fragalot.ca) the drip in process becomes an essential step in the purchase of any marine livestock be it coral inverts, or fish.

To properly drip in the new species, a clean bucket has been elevated and placed beside the aquarium. Airline tube is attached to a valve which regulates the amount of water passing through the tube. A siphon is started through the airline tube which slowly mixes the
aquarium water with the water from the coral's previous system.

The idea is to slowly acclimate the coral to the same water conditions, and temperatures reducing stress greatly. This process is continuedfor an hour or two depending on the species while discarding water from the bucket so eventually the contents are very close to the water in the display.

There are hundreds of methods for livestock acclimation, this just happens to be the method deemed most effective and efficient. Some would argue a quarantine tank is necessary for coral addition, but due to the reputable source of coral purchase.

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