The Oscillaris Pair

Due to the exceptionally stable conditions of the Nano system, and the need to finally shut down, and sell the 55 gallon "transferee" system, two paired Oscillaris Clownfish were recenty added to the Biocube.

The drip acclimatization method was used to delicately, and patiently prep the two fish for the switch. With Salinity and PH relatively exact in each system, and virtually no traces of Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate in either of the water columns, the fish adapted quickly to the new, smaller space. The Clowns indulged immediately among the wavy tentacles of the purple torch coral which resides in the center of the aquascape.

By "hosting" in the animated Torch, the Clowns offer the same gratification as if they were in an anemone, without all the dangers of housing one in such a compact system.

The fish have been in the system for three days with no sign of a small re-cycle, and no change in water parameters. The two tank-mates will be fed minimal portions every other day on a mixed diet of Omega One flake food and rinsed Mysis shrimp.

The paired Clownfish will be the only addition of fish for a indefinite period of time, as coral addition, collection, and propagation is the primary focus of this reef system.

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