The Recap

The nano system is still running strong with no issues whatsoever. All of the corals are growing steadily, and the fish are healthy. The filtration system is flawless leaving crystal clear water, with literally no harmful contents. By blasting the rocks with a turkey baster every few days, the filter floss catches any buildup of debris that could store nitrate. Filter floss, the remora skimmer, a macro algae refugium, a bag of carbon, and one unit of chemipure elite, have worked together diligently to create an ideal environment for the inhabitants.

The chemipure elite will need a change soon. Although the package rates the media at 4-6 months, with this bioload it would be unwise to leave it for longer than 4 months. In the refugium the cheato has grown to fill the entire second chamber requiring frequent trimming to ensure space to grow.

Adding an auto top off systems and building a custom media rack are the next two steps that will need to be taken.

The evaporation on a topless nano with 250 watts of halide light is far to frequent, if the tank were left unattended for a couple days the water level would drop exposing the cheato. An ATO will solve this problem.

The custom media rack will fit into the middle chamber dividing it into two sections. THe first section will be a ladder type setup forcing the flow to fall down through two bags of media.
A baffle separating section one and two will direct the water back up into the refugium section allowing the water to flow back down through the cheato naturally.

Zoanthids, and mixed sps frags will be added to the system periodically for the next few months while the constant coral growth will eventually fill the reef.

Although growth and color is great with the 14k XM bulb, a bulb with a 20k temperature will be replacing the bulb in an attempt to bring even more vivid coloring to the system. With no actinic bulbs the use of a 20k light will be acceptable middle ground for coral lighting.

All in all the system is stable purely based on the diligence and patience applied in the maintenance and initial setup process. The upkeep of additives, coral feeding, and 10% weekly water changes has been with out a doubt essential to the progress of all species in the system.

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