The Chemi-Solution

Today one full unit of Chemi-Pure Elite was added to the nano system.

This filter bag supposedly works well in marine aquariums. It "removes heavy metals, copper, phenol, ammonia, and other nitrogenous waste." Not only does Chemi-Pure Elite remove all these hazardous components, but it claims to "help in keeping pH at a consistently safe range and your water sparkling clear." The Elite version of Chemi-Pure also employs ferric oxide to also remove phosphates and silicates, perfect for fighting off unwanted algae blooms and keeping all nutrient parameters to a bare minimum.

The 14.74 oz tub of wonder media came pre-bagged and ready to use, with a short rinse as the only required step before application. This bag is rated to effectively treat 40 gallons of water for 4-6 months.

It was decided that below the eggcrate refugium floor in the middle chamber would be the best possible location to run the Chemi-Pure. This allows constant moderate flow through the bag providing the best possible water contact (without a reactor).

With a tiny bioload and Nitrate and Phosphate already at zero it may be difficult to see direct results of the media immediately, however, the back wall of the display is home to a tiny portion of green hair algae that will most likely die off with the effects of the Chemi-Pure Elite solution.

Only time will tell if this solution is in fact as good as it claims to be. Until then, based on the enormous amount of positive reviews and recommendations it is safe to say that Chemi-Pure Elite is quite possibly the best filter media solution available to anyone in this hobby.

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  1. Going to use your affordable idea to upgrade my middle chamber with the eggcrates, light puck, cheato. In the new chamber created is there a particular order you put your chemipure elite and carbon in? Such as the carbon on top chemi on bottom...or way bottom. And did you top it off with filter floss or just used the bags? Thanks. jivinjazzyj at gmail dot com