The Crew

It has been just over four weeks since the nano system was first filled. The cycle is complete but it is still essential to take it slow, this means adding livestock at a moderate pace. A clean up crew (CUC) is the first step to getting rid of the leftover algae while adding adding waste production to the system. This slight increase in ammonia production allows the denytrifying bacteria growth to steadily incline thus keeping the system in check.

After a quick trip to the local fish store and a patient "drip in" process, the crew was in place. Thanks to Garden City Reptile and Aquaria (St. Catharines, ON), there are now seven blue legged hermit crabs, several Astreas and Nassarius Snails, an Emerald Crab and a Skunk Cleaner Shrimp residing in the aquarium.

Most would argue that the snails are the most important aspect of a solid CUC, but the Hermits and the Emerald are definitely more interesting to watch. These choices are purely subjective, but if one is to put in such an amazing amount of effort to house a aesthetically and technically sophisticated aquarium, then logical decisions based on preference and opinion must sometimes be made.

For now, this small but diligent CUC will do the dirty work. This early in the cube's life a sudden bioload increase any bigger may throw the system out of balance. In a week or two if things are still stable the Halide will turn on and the coral will arrive shortly thereafter.
In the meantime this crew has some work to do.

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