The Nitrate Problem

For about 2 weeks the tanks Nitrate level was at a standstill of 7ppm. After seeking well received consultation at Nano-Reef.com, and AquariumPros.ca the suggestion to go buy a new test kit arose. The people helping with the case were in agreeance that: With a refugium, filter floss, carbon, zeolite, r/o water, a significant amount of liverock and sand, a skimmer, and vitually no bioload, there is no way the Nitrates would stay strong for as long as they did.


A new test kit was immediately purchased. After having problems with the Seachem tests the next best option was a basic Nutrafin NO3 test.

A few drops and five minutes later, the results were in and the water sample read zero ppm.

Unfortunately, a faulty kit had me pulling my hair out trying to lower the Nitrate levels. However, with the purchase of the new kit today that concern has been eliminated and the tanks progress can continue.

Moving on... with the water paramaters fully balanced the next steps are the lighting setup, aquascaping, slow addition of coral species, and finally the fish.

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