The Transfer

The seamless transfer of corals took place over the weekend was seamless and quick. Combined with a strict acclimitization process all fourteen species of coral were added and arranged in the Nano system in under two hours. By waiting through such an extensive cycle and adding an elaborate nutrient export system, the system was finally ready to recieve livestock.

The bioload is fairly heavy with several corals dispersed throughout the rockwork, but with cheato and heavy skimming nitrates will likely not even register. Acro and Monti dominate the upper region of the liverock, while assorted Zoas, Green Star Polyps, a Brain, and a Clam populate the lower regions of the tank. There are also ten to fifteen heads of Candy Cane Coral, a colony of Christmas Favia, a small Devils Hand Leather, a Kenya Tree, and some typical blueish purple Mushrooms. 250 Watts of Metal Halide light douses the aquarium in a bright glow that shimmers off the waters surface.

As a starting point the system currently appears natural. As coral is added, the placement will be in a realist fashion in an attempt to replicate and maintain the natural aesthetic. The coral opened-up quickly in healthy fashion almost immediately after being dripped in, and is already growing after only four days.

More waiting must now take place to ensure the system stabalizes after the sudden addition of life. With such a dependance of Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium and Iodine, these supplements must now be dosed regularily to create a constant. As long as things remain intact, in a week or two a pair of clowns will be added.


  1. Great nano tank hope to make mine look as good as yours

  2. Thanks. It is going well, but patience is key.